Ave Ma​ria Properties

                                   Ave Marie - Hail Mary

AveMariaProperties.net is the administrative portal and informational base for several commercial property investment groups. Holdings are located primarily in California, and include both single and multi-tenant properties.

In general, the preferred type of investment property has been "Mom & Pop" / "Incubator Industrial". (i.e. multi-tenant-commercial/industrial shop type units w/roll-up doors). Usual tenants are independent tradesmen and small contractors.

However holdings do also include other types of commercial property in various locations.

     • Office Units (condominium and freestanding)

     • Smaller strip retail shops

     • And a few scattered undeveloped commercial raw land parcels

Therefore we are not rigid as to buying only "incubator" industrial, nor limited to any particular geographic location.  An acquisition property must make economic sense, that is it must "pencil" ~~ i.e. price should approximate 100 x monthly gross, or if not in that range currently, then it should be possible with some improvements to increase rents thereto in the near future.

Ave Maria Properties groups are in the market for the long term. Although the market fluctuates, certainly with time there will always be investments that make economic sense, and we are always looking to acquire other commercial properties.

This potentially also includes with new partners, and/or buying into existing partnerships, as for example estate settlement or other situations, where one or more of the current owners wish to sell, but one or more others would prefer to continue longer term in their ownership portions. Estate attorneys and executors please be aware of this potential option.